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CPC is a corporaon which has been working in IT training and placement industry for 5 years, having eups with corporate trainers as well as companies which provides corporate training and experse to CPC students.

CPC counsels lakhs of students every year by giving them IT industry exposure and helps them geng admission in right colleges as per students requirement. We offer them corporate training by educang them on various trending & Future technologies. CPC helps the students work on live projects and make them do internships so that they can get real me working experience and exposure of IT companies.

CPC hires corporate working professionals who have more than 10 years of working experience and get handsome packages (30 LPA, 45 LPA, 50 LPA) in IT companies. These corporate working professionals train our students and give them real me working experience and knowledge. They train our students in CPC only because CPC understands their worth and pay them accordingly as per their expectaons which colleges and many big instuons cannot even afford. That’s how CPC redefines IT engineering.

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Why Colleges Need CPC

  • CPC provides 100% placement guarantee along with wrien money back assurance of complete 3-4 year graduaon fees.
  • CPC works for your college as a client, and our team works 24/7 to counsel and convince the students & their parents to take admission in your college. We use our all resources to enhance your business.
  • CPC provides business to the ed-up colleges in the form of students’ admissions, we guarantee to offer minimum 50 to 200 admissions or as per the college requirements.
  • We conduct door to door visits to have meengs with the students and their parents for students’ career counseling and guidance. Indirectly or directly we are convincing students and their parents to take admissions in our ed-up colleges. CPC does not charge any addional cost for our selfless services coz our aim is to help and encourage the students for their bright future.
  • During our admission campaigns and counseling, we will introduce your college and will do free publicity and adversement as we will be explaining about your college.
  • CPC works for your college as a client, and our team works 24/7 to counsel and convince the students & their parents to take admission in your college. We use our all resources to enhance your business.
  • Students will get industrial exposure while pursuing their graduation.

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Most frequently asked questions

Here are the most frequently asked questions you may check before getting started

Yes, Our team will provide you support for any clarification you need in a job.

Salary entirely depends on the company. Some companies pay more some pay less. For example, if you are entering a startup company, the salary might be low. If you are entering a large company depends on your skills. Also, the salary depends on what platform you might be assigned to. Usually, the salary details are revealed by the companies during the Interview process.

If you have doubts before the class, you can post your queries in the discussion forum or face-to-face during the session. If you have any doubts after the session is over, then you can email the instructors. We assure you that the instructor will respond back to your query on an immediate basic.

Yes, our instructors/Mentor will always be there to resolve your queries and take your doubts even after the completion of the course.

Yes,Money is refundable if you will not placed.

Yes,after the completion of the course . The instructor will allot you a real-time project to have a clear understanding of how you a clear understandin of how you are able to conceptualize and implement the real-world application of the course content.

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When I passed the 12th grade, I was not sure what I wanted to do, but then Code Panda College came into my life and gave me counselling. With the help of the CPC, I am building a future for myself, and only the CPC helped me to achieve this righteous path.

I came to know about Code Panda College through my friend. She attended the training programme at CPC, and now she has a great job. I can say their 100% placement guarantee is true indeed; they never left you in the middle of a problem. They are the greatest solution providers.

Code Panda College comes at the right time in your life. When a student needs life guidance, CPC is there to provide you with career and life counselling. I must say that Code Panda College has the best mentors; I feel so lucky that I am getting trained by them.

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