Best Python Training Course In Noida

The Complete Python Course

Are you Looking Best Institute for Python Training in Noida? CPC offers Python classes with live project by the expert trainer.

Course Description

Python programming language is a general-purpose, dynamic, high level, and powerful Programming Language. It supports Object Oriented programming ways to develop applications. It is effortless and straightforward to learn and provides lots of high-level data structures. Python is simple to learn & powerful and versatile scripting language, which creates it appealing for Application Development.

Important: Python is a language that is widely known for its pragmatic features such as easy readability, database management, security, integration with third-party tools, traffic management, etc. Python is used for data analytics, machine learning, and even design.

What you'll learn
  • Introduction To Python
  • Writing and Executing First Python Program
  • Python Language Fundamentals
  • Python Conditional Statements
  • Looping Statements
  • Standard Data Types
  • String Handling
  • Python List
  • Python Tuple
  • Python Set
  • Python Dictionary
  • Python Functions
  • Modules & Packages
  • File I/O
  • Object Oriented Programming
  • Exception Handling
  • Regular Expressions(Regex)
  • Multi-Threading Programming
  • Introduction to Database
  • SQL (Structured Query Language)
  • Python Database Connectivity